In order to get the most out of life, it is important to have a physically fit body. The Physical Education program promotes wellness, athletic skill development and lifelong participation in physical activities and sport programs. Emphasis on personal fitness is an ongoing component of each class.


Physical Education/ Health

Grade: 9 - 12
Length: 1 Semester or 1 Year
Credit: 0.5 – 1.0

The Physical Education Program provides an introduction to the principles of health related fitness and skills for participation in individual and team sports; students learn basic skills, recognize rules and strategies to participate in team play, and methods to achieve personal fitness and lifelong participation in physical activities. Students will participate in various sports activities: basketball, swimming, volleyball, fitness training and group games. Student will learn the physical and mental skills and game rules to participate actively in sporting events and physical activities.

Part of the class will be devoted to promoting wellness and health and assessing the effects of risk behaviors. Students will be helped to develop a positive self-concept and the ability to build a healthful lifestyle. Students will discuss making informed decisions and being responsible members of the world community.

Advanced Swimming

Grades 9-12
Length: 1 Semester
Credit 0.5

Advanced swimming offers students who have learned the fundamentals of swimming the opportunity to improve technique, speed and performance. Students will review the basic techniques of breast stroke, side stroke, back stroke and free/ Australian crawl, various types of turns, efficient breathing, body movements and speed. The goal is to help swimmers improve their conditioning, their swimming techniques and overall style. Students in Advances Swimming may compete in Swimming Meets.


Grades 9-12
Length: 1 Semester
Credit: 0.5

Fitness and Strength Training teaches the fundamentals of fitness. Strength training is among the most versatile of athletic activities. Improving muscular strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance can enhance appearance, performance and overall health. Students will be taught to effectively use various pieces of fitness equipment for general conditioning, strength training and overall fitness. Each student will develop a fitness program to meet their individual needs.

Life Guard Training

Grades: 8-12
Length: 1 Semester
Credit: 0.5
Text: American Red Cross Life Guard Manual

This semester long class teaches students the fundamentals of American Red Cross Life Guard Training, offering instruction for those to achieve either Junior Life Guard Certification or Senior Life Guard Certification. Students are taught rescue techniques, CPR, life saving strategies and the basics of first aid.

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