Two Modern Language credits are required for graduation. The only exception is for non-native English speakers who can substitute two ESL credits in place of Modern Language credits.

Modern language teachers at SSIS offer a program in Spanish to help students appreciate another cultures and prepare them to communicate in multicultural settings.


Spanish I

Grade: 9 – 12
Length: 1 Year
Credit: 1.0
Prerequisite: None

Spanish I introduces students to Spanish and helps them develop a basic proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish; it also prepares them for further study of the language. The course emphasizes personal and social communication in Spanish, teaching common vocabulary and basic grammatical structures. Cultural information about Spanish speaking lands and peoples is interwoven in this class. The course offers a framework for proficiency in the language and an appreciation of the cultures of the countries in which Spanish is spoken.

Spanish II

Grade 9-12
Length: 1 Year
Credit: 1
Prerequisite: Spanish I

Students in Spanish II continue to develop their skills in Spanish, mastering new vocabulary, learning more complex grammatical constructions and developing their listening and reading competencies. Students use the language for authentic communication and presentation. Students learn to read stories, newspapers, and articles and other forms of literature in Spanish to help them understand the issues of Spanish communities as well as the Spanish language. An interactive classroom environment taught by a native speaker enriches the cultural exchange.

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