English 9

Grade: 9
Length: 1 Year
Credit: 1.0
Textbook: Prentice Hall Literature: GOLD
Elements of Language (3rd Course)

English 9 introduces effective reading and writing strategies to freshman students. Through reading various literary genres such as short stories, essays, poems, letters, and novels, students explore the ideas of writers and examine the forms of literature. Students undertake both creative and expository writings, learning the proper format and structure for such assignments and focus on correct grammar and usage conventions. Students study vocabulary and grammar to improve their writing. Students practice the writing process of: Pre-writing, Drafting, Evaluating, Revising, and Proofreading. All students maintain a Writing Journal and a Portfolio of their classroom and home assignments. They participate in class discussion, group work, independent study and research in the computer lab. Students read selections from Asian and Western literature.

English 10

Grade: 10
Length: 1 Year
Credit: 1.0
Textbook: Prentice Hall Literature Series (Platinum Edition)

This sophomore level course further develops students reading and writing skills. They read several novels such as The Old Man and the Sea, Lord of the Flies and Sound of Waves as well as selections from plays, poems, essays, autobiographies in the Prentice Hall text. Students write frequently in their journals and follow the writing process for major assignments. Students will learn and practice effective pre-writing strategies to help them develop and organize their writing. In addition, students will learn to evaluate, revise, and proofread their own work and the work of their peers. All students maintain both a Writing Journal and a Portfolio in which they will keep a collection of their classroom writing assignments to monitor their progress and growth and recognize areas of particular concern.

Literature of
the Americas

Grade: 11
Length: 1 Year
Credit: 1.0
Textbook: Holt Rinehart Winston American Literature

This chronological study of literature of the Americas examines literature from North America, the U.S. and Canada, as well as Central and South America. Students read selections from the early 19th century until the modern era noting the rich variety of literary genres of these countries including essays, letters, short stories, novels, and poetry. Furthermore, students develop an understanding of the many cultures which are part of the tapestry of the literature of the Americas. Discussions, small and large group assignments, presentations and research projects on this multicultural literature enhances their perspective of the role these many cultures have played in shaping the course of the history of the United States and other nations in North and South America.

World Literature

Grade: 12
Length: 1 Year
Credit: 1.0
Textbook: Literature and Integrated Studies: The World

World Literature is a senior level course that will stimulate studentsí imaginations and challenge them intellectually. The course offers a chronological study of world literature beginning around the time of the Restoration (1660) and continuing until the modern era. Students will gain a historical perspective of life around the world and the distinguishing characteristics of major selections of world literature. Furthermore, in addition to studying Western authors such as Camas, Swift, Wordsworth, Dickens, Joyce, and Orwell, students will explore the writings of some major Asian authors.

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